Intl. Roaming Details
International Roaming

Traditional GSM Roaming is defined as the ability for a cellular customer to automatically make and receive voice calls, send and receive data, or access other services, including home data services, when traveling outside the geographical coverage area of the home network, by means of using a visited network. This can be done by using a communication terminal or else just by using the subscriber identity in the visited network.

Teletalk International Roaming Service

Currently Teletalk is providing International Roaming service to 38 operators in 23 countries to its valued Postpaid subscribers. (Please see Teletalk Live Roaming Partners List)

Requirements for International Roaming Service
International Credit Card ( VISA or Master card) with at least 6 (Six ) months validity
International Passport (Photocopy)
Subscriber needs to fill up an International Roaming form provided by TBL.
Auto Debit Form (optional - needed only if you want to authorize Teletalk to auto debit your account. Only needed for postpaid roaming).
Two Passport size Photographs.
Security Deposit: BDT 10,000.00 (for postpaid)
Credit limit: International Roaming Security Deposit + Existing Postpaid Credit Limit .
International Postpaid Roaming Service

Teletalk offers International postpaid roaming service for its subscribers. Postpaid subscribers can enjoy this facility.

Key Features of Teletalk International Postpaid Roaming
No Use, No Pay - No Monthly Access Fee
Can avail both voice and SMS service
Fully refundable Security Deposit
Free Ownership Transfer (if required for IR subscription)
Instant International Roaming Service Activation
Free Monthly Itemized Bill
Friendly and Trained IR Help Line Professionals with Dedicated IR Customer Management Team
Direct Communication with each IR subscriber for individual queries and complaints.
Network Selection

Once International Roaming form is filled up and all other requirements are fulfilled properly, roaming service will be activated. To avail this service, please turn on the mobile while you are in some other network where Teletalk roaming is available. If the handset is configured to select the network automatically (automatic network selection), then it will get the preferred network. Otherwise, please select the network manually from network selection of the handset, then search for available networks and choose the preferred network.

Cancellation of International Roaming Service and Refund of Security Deposit

To cancel the IR service and get your deposit back, please contact with our customer care center. Bills must be paid in order to get the deposit back.

Data Roaming

Teletalk Bangladesh Limited is working on the Data Roaming services and will commercially launch this service very soon.

All Time Assistance
For information and assistance, please contact Teletalk customer care

Dial: 121 from your Teletalk Number


Note: All of the above information and requirements are subject to change without any prior notice.