scratch card bonus
Scratch Card Recharge Offer

You will get bonus data upon recharging from scratch cards. The details are given in the table below

SL Card Value Free resource Validity of Data Usages time
1 Tk. 50 25 MB 3 days 24 hours
2 TK.100 50MB 3 days
3 TK. 300 100MB 5 days
  • All Prepaid subscribers are eligible to avail the offer.
  • Recharge amount will be added to the main account.
  • Between free data and main account balance, free data will be used first.
  • The bonus data can be used throughout 24 hours a day.
  • To recharge the scratch card dial *151*hidden number#
  • The offer is for limited time only. Offer can be cancelled wilthout prior notice.