Stay youth, stay connected


65 Paisa/minute call rate to any local number (24 hours) on BDT 29 or 99 recharge
3 FnF (any operator)
Pulse:1 Sec
SMS: 30 paisa (any Operator)
Particulars Rate Time Period
Voice Call On Tk.29 or Tk.99 Recharge 65Paisa/Min (Any Local Number) 24 Hours
Regular Call Rate 90Paisa/Min (Any Local Number) 24 Hours
FnF Call rate 45 Paisa/Min (Any Local number) 24 Hours
Pulse 1 Second  
SMS 30 Paisa (Any Local Number)  
Pay-per-use 15KB/ 1Paisa  



VAT, SD & Surcharge applicable on all tariffs


  1. Price of the SIM is Tk. 70.
  2. Subscriber will get Tk. 10 as preloaded amount having 30 days validity.
  3. Subscriber will also get 50 minutes on-net talktime ,50 SMS (any operator) and 500 MB data having 7 days validity.
  4. After SIM actiavation subscriber can enjoy 1GB data by recharging only Tk. 11 up to 1 month as many times as he/she wants. The validity of the 1GB data is 3 days and usable for 24 hours/day.



Rate Cutter:

Recharge Amount Rate Validity
BDT 29 65 Paisa/Minute 7 days
BDT 99 65 Paisa/Minute 30 days

Data Featured Plan:

Tariff Plan Name

Rate Plan with Data Gift



Teletalk to Others

Teletalk to Teletalk


Free Data

Peak(8am- 12am)

Off-peak (12am- 8am)

Kotha Bolle Data Free

1 second

1.5 p/sec




Based on usage minute*

Data Feature Modailies:

  1. To subscribe this feature subscriber needs to type DF and send SMS to 555 (Charge free).
  2. After subscription, subscriber will enjoy free MB based on his/her usages minutes in a day. Bonus MB will be disbursed on next day.
  3. Bonus MB will be equivalent to subscriber’s usage minutes.
  4. The usage validity of free MB is 24 hours from the time of receiving data.
  5. FnF is not applicable for this feature.

FnF activation procedure:

            To set FnF number:

Dial 1515 and follow the next direction or write Reg in message option and send it to 363.

To add FnF : 

After geting a confirmation SMS to add a FnF number – Write Add in message option then put a space then write the desired FnF number and send to 363.

For Example: Add <Space> 0155XXXXXXXX and send to 363

To set every FnF number you have to send individual message by following the same procedure but have to register only once.

It will be activated within 72 hours.

To Delete FnF:

Write del in message option then put a space then write the desired FnF number and send to 363.

For Example: del <Space> 0155XXXXXXXX and send to 363.

To Check FnF: 

Write see in message option and send to 363.

For Example: see <Space> 0155XXXXXXXX and send to 363.

Change FnF:

Dial 1515 and follow the next direction.

Migration procedure:                                                                      Upgradation to 3G                                 

  • To migrate to default Youth rate plan type Y3G and send to 555
  • To Migrate to Youth Data Feature package, the user needs to write DF respectively and send to 555
  • Migration to postpaid from prepaid, to prepaid from postpaid or to corporate from any package please contact at your nearest Teletalk Customer Care Center.