Frequently Asked Question
Dear Subscriber,

We have just focused on some common problems. Day by day our services are increasing, so all the answers are might not be possible to insert in the FAQ. If your desired Question(s) do not exist here, please contact with our Customer Care Center for more queries. Thank you.

1. What are the requirements to be a Teletalk Subscriber?

:: National Identity Card.

:: 2 copies of passport size photograph.

:: Customer's Signature & Finger print.

:: Personal Details & Contact information.

:: Utility bill's copy (for Postpaid customer).

2. What are the requirements to be a corporate subscriber?

:: Teletalk provides the corporate service for any organizations but not for individual users. At least 5 employees/persons are required for corporate connection. For details Click here

3. How to know if your SIM is succesfully registered?

:: Write 'Q' and send to 1600.

4. What are the Teletalk Helpline numbers?

:: 24 Hours Helpline:

121 from your Teletalk mobile; Charge Applicable (first 1.30min free then tk1.40/min).

01500121121-9 (from any Operator).

5. What are the Corporate Hot line numbers?

:: Hotline is 267 for Teletalk mobile, Charge applicable only Tk.0.60/min. excluding VAT.

6. What is the payment method of postpaid packages?

:: Postpaid users can pay their bill by using Scratch Card. It is very simple and instant bill pay system. Tk. 20, Tk. 30, Tk. 50, Tk. 100, Tk. 300 and Tk. 1000 Scratch Cards are available at your nearest shop.

Teletalk has a wide range of Bank Booth. It is very flexible to pay bill or deposit any amount against your number. Your balance will be updated depending on bank acknowledgment.

Also you can pay at our Customer Care Center.

7. What is the procedure to change Ownership?

:: Transferor & Transferee have to attend at Customer Care Centre with main document.

:: 1 copy photo of current subscriber.

:: 2 copies photo of new subscriber.

:: National Identity Card.

8. What is the SIM replacement requirement?

:: Subscriber have show his/her copy of SIM document.

:: SIM replacement fee only Tk.150.

If some how lost the document, Please submit your National Identity Card and two copies of passport size Photograph. If the owner unable to attend at our Customer Care Center please send an authorization letter by your representative. FnF numbers or call details may be checked.

9. How to Lock/Block lost SIM?

:: Fax your main document and an application; or inform your FnF numbers over phone at Teletalk Customer Care Center.

10. What to do, when the mobile has been locked while recharging?

:: You already recharge your account but some how you punch the same scratch card without check out the balance or punch wrong PIN number three times, your account will be locked for a short time. Please don't worry; it will automatically be unlocked within very short time. (Approximate duration 30 minutes)

11. How to activate FnF numbers in Prepaid?

:: Dial 1515 and follow the next direction


Write ADD<space>any number and send it to 363.

Example: ADD 0155XXXXXX and send it to 363.

12. How to activate FnF numbers in Postpaid?

:: You can activate 5 FnF numbers in Rajonigandha(Postpaid) package.

Write ADD<space>any number and send it to 363.

Example: FADD 0155XXXXXX and send it to 363. It will be activated within 72 hours.

13. Is free resources/offers/bundles/combo applicable for FnF numbers?

:: Free resources/offers/bundles/combo are not applicable for FnF numbers.

14. Does recharge based offers activate instantly?

:: Recharge based offers are activated within 15-20 minutes of recharge.The stipulated amount for the recharge based offer must be remained in the account till activation of the offer.

15. How to check FnF?

:: Delete & Check FnF: Dial 1515 and follow the next direction. 

16. Should mobile data connection be turned off before activation of any promotional offer?

:: At the time of activating any promotional offer of Teletalk (Voice, data & others), mobile data connection must be turned off . Otherwise the required amount to activate the promotional offer might be in use for the ongoing data connection. In that case the offer may not be activated.

17. How to use handset as a GPRS Modem?

:: You can use your mobile phone as a GPRS Modem by using data cable/Infrared/Bluetooth connectivity. Follow your mobile catalog/manual for modem configuration/setup.

18. Why Network problem occurs?

:: When you travel on high speed vehicle.

:: If you stay at crowded area.

:: Building density too high.

:: Disaster, Natural calamity, etc.

19. Why outgoing call does not establish (Balance & Network is OK) ?

:: Check your handset and choose LINE-1.

20. How to find the IMEI number?

:: Press *#06#

21. I am Unable to Send SMS. What should I do?

:: Please check the Service Center Number (+880150159999), Format: Text, Font: medium & other SMS settings.

22. How can I check my balance ?

:: Dial *152# [Prepaid & Postpaid].

23. Which amount of Recharge Cards are available in market?

:: Prepaid Scratch cards are of Tk.20,Tk.30, Tk.50, Tk.100, Tk.300, and Tk.1000.

24. How to block Postpaid SIM?

:: Mobile number, Name, Address Should be checked before block the SIM. If the account is Bar (Bar means outgoing call automatically block from system, it occurs when credit limit exceed) or Suspend (Line is active but incoming & outgoing call automatically block from system), unable to block the SIM.

25. What is the procedure to collect call details?

:: Customer has to come customer care center and has to show his/her SIM subscription copy.

:: Minimum fee is only Tk.100 for a month. Customer can also collect the call details of multiple months providing extra charges (authorization latter not acceptable).

26. I have recharged a scratch card, but I have not received the confirmation message. Has the card been recharged?

:: Please check your balance.

:: Please contact our Customer Care Center if the balance is not updated.

27. What should I do when I am not getting the bill message?

:: Please contact our Customer Care Center.

28. I like to know my balance by dialing *152# but the balance can not be viewed, in that case what can I do?

:: Dial 1515 and follow the instructions to know your balance. If you feel complexity, please contact our Customer Care Center.

29. I lost my SIM subscription document, what is the procedure to collect duplicate documents?

:: Apply for duplicate documentation with signature (used in lost document). Teletalk will verify the signature. If the owner is unable to attend, please attach an authorization letter. If the connection is registered for a company, please use company pad.

30. How can I collect itemized bill?

:: You have to collect the bill from Customer Care Center. A fee of only Tk.100/month is applicable.

31. How to recharge scratch card?

:: Type the *151*13 digit hidden number# and dial (Prepaid & Postpaid users).

32. Last few months I am not getting any bill. If I like to change my billing address, what should I do?

:: It is really unexpected matter that you are not getting any bill. If you please inform us, we will find the problem why the bill had not reached. If there is any problem in your address which you submitted at Teletalk or you have changed your location, please contact our Customer Care Center, we will change your address free of charges.

33. How many countries are available for International SMS?

:: More than 200 countries and 700 operators are available for International SMS.

34. What is the procedure to deactivate/surrender a Postpaid SIM?

:: Subscriber has to attend at our Customer Care Center with the SIM card, subscription copy and other related documents. Subscriber has to pay the amount beyond account deposit or Teletalk will refund the deposit to subscriber. Subscriber will have to return the SIM card without any condition.

35. How can I know my own number, package & tarrif?

:: Dial *551#

or write "P" & send to 154.